June 17, 2023 in Rockville:  Electronics Recycling Day – Parke County

Electronics Recycling Day will be held Saturday, June 17 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. (noon) at Parke County 4-H Fairgrounds. Please do not place electronics (E-waste) items in your trash as they contain toxic materials banned from landfills since 2011. Acceptable electronics include (but not limited to) are computer monitors/towers, laptops, personal size printers/scanners, keyboards, cables, modems, iPad/tablets, stereo systems, MP3 players, DVD/VHS players, CD players, camcorders, fax machines, tabletop copiers, blenders, toasters, telephones, answering machines, gaming systems, cell phones, chargers, and digital cameras. Accepting televisions any size for a cost. Non-accepted items include vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, A/C, large appliances, microwaves, smoke detectors, batteries, chemical, cleaners, fluorescent tubes, furniture, and grills/propane tanks. For more information visit www.westcentralswd.com or call (765) 653-2150 or (800) 211-2750.

West Central Solid Waste District (westcentralswd.com)

Upcoming Events:

  • TOX-AWAY DAYS:  September 16 @ Parke Co. 4-H Fairgrounds, Rockville  (8 – 1)
  • Electronics Recycling Days (8-12pm)
  • June 17 @ Parke Co. 4-H Fairgrounds, Rockville
  • October 7 (tentative) @ Greencastle Middle School
  • Yard Waste Site (Greencastle) Open Saturday, April 1-October 30, 2023
    *Mondays & Wednesdays 12-6pm; Saturdays 9am-3pm (closed on holidays)
  • Residents only. Landscapers, Contractors, and Businesses are prohibited due to limited space.
  • Located at 2363 S. Co. Rd. 250 West – on the road to the Putnam Co. Highway Dept just past police firing range
  • Fee sheet and other details found under the “Programs Tab” on the West Central Solid Waste District Page

*WCSWD collection sites, recycling centers, and events open to Parke and Putnam County residents

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