The best way to navigate this web site if you are looking for a particular item would be to use the search bar to the right of the Home page on the computer. On a mobile device, the search bar is about -2/3- way down the home page. This is usually the quickest way to find things. If a document was just added sometimes it will not show right away. It takes a little time for new documents to get indexed. There are also some very old files that do not search very well due to the way they were added of by not being tagged correctly when it was created.

So for example, if you looking for Fast Boating Hours you can simply type in the search bar “hours” without the quotation marks.

If you want to browse Documents, Forms, Meeting Notes Etc you can use the link in the Title Bar named Online Forms. From there you will have several different directories to choose from. Some Documents or files can belong to more than one directory. For example Rules and Safety. There is a search bar on the Online Forms as well that can be used.

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